A new international cover

A new version of Sex, Bombs and Burgers will be hitting bookstores in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in June. All three will have a brand, spanking new cover. I’m pleased to unveil it here:

It’s obviously very cheeky. There are things I like about this new design and things I don’t, but I’ll reserve judgment for now because I’m curious as to what you all think. Please jump in through the comments section.

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2 Comments on A new international cover

  1. It’s an interesting approach. I like the double entendre concept, but am left wondering if there was any possible way to make it a triple, which would be more consistent with your title and overall premise. Is there a way to use three images? If not, is there a way to incorporate all three into each image?

    If you could see more of the female, have her wear a military cap, so she can be fast food consumer, porn star, and military. Would there be some clever way to make the bomb be more penis like, but also hot-doggish?

    In any case – without a doubt, I imagine this more provocative approach will attract more eyes in a bookstore….

  2. I like it — but the larger challenge now is Kindle/Nook….where covers don’t matter.

    Check out mine, out April 14…I love it!


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