Alphabeatic is going on hiatus

gone fishing

I’ve been writing a blog almost every week day for the past eight years. It’s just about second nature to me by now, as much a part of the daily routine as brushing my teeth and having a coffee. But as the saying goes, all good things must end – or at least pause.

Blogging has many benefits. It’s a great way to flex those writing muscles – maintaining a blog daily certainly keeps you from getting rusty.

It also provides nice bookends to other work you might be doing. A blog can be a scratch pad where new ideas can be tried out or a cutting-room floor for any addenda that didn’t make into other stories. I’ve definitely used it that way.

It’s also a place where you can opine on current events or talk about things that don’t warrant full articles elsewhere. Again, that’s been the case here at Alphabeatic.

But a blog also takes up a lot of time and brain capacity. Thinking up things to write about almost daily can be exhausting. Actually doing it can eat up many hours.

I’m not sure how it’ll feel to not blog every day. I might miss it horribly and come back to it, but it also might feel like a giant relief.

Either way, I’m hesitant to say I’m retiring from it for good. But, with a lot of other figurative pots on the boil, I definitely have to step away for a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks very much to everyone for reading, sharing and commenting. I wouldn’t have done it at all if I thought it was going into a vacuum, so you kept me writing for all these years. See you soon, somewhere!

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3 Comments on Alphabeatic is going on hiatus

  1. Excited to see what’s next, Pete!

  2. Thanks Peter. I followed you over from the old site to Alphabeatnic. I look forward to your daily updates M-F in my RSS reader. Some topics haven’t been as interesting but your posts on the wireless industry and CRTC always leave me feeling well informed. Suggestions on where to find similar news elsewhere? Coverage on other tech blogs I frequent is generally thinner than what you provide 😉

  3. Thanks for taking time to share your blog and enjoy your time away.

    Best of luck with your tv show writing. 😉

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