Happy Canada Day wireless rate hikes!

There’s no better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than with cellphone price increases.

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Canada Day Wireless Rate Hikes:

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It’s ironic that U.S. Independence Day so closely follows Canada Day when you consider the latest round of wireless rate hikes here in the Great White North.

Bell, Rogers and Telus all recently raised their rates by an unsurprisingly similar amount – $5 – with the fall guy for the bad news being the Canadian dollar.

With the loonie continuing to wallow around 78 cents U.S., Canadian carriers aren’t passing up the opportunity to point at pricey U.S. network gear as the reason for the increases, as the letter below to Bell customers illustrates:

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The carriers warned everyone back in January, so it’s not like the hikes are a surprise. Then again, no one believed the convenient scapegoatism at the time either.

Rogers chief executive Guy Laurence even tried to soften the blow by saying the increase was less than a cost of a latte, as if that could excuse what are already the highest wireless bills in the world.

It’s as good a time as any to rerun the graphic I put together at the time that illustrated just how many lattes Canadians have to give up to pay their cellphone bill, and please note that this is before the latest round of hikes are added on:

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