Canadian broadband quality is ho-hum: Ipsos poll

Customer satisfaction ranks 11th out of 26 countries, just ahead of global average.

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Broadband Quality:

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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is this week releasing its annual Communications Monitoring Report, and there will doubtlessly be some interesting nuggets in there.

Beating the regulator to the punch, however, is a new poll from research firm Ipsos that finds Canada to be in the middle of the pack as far as broadband quality and satisfaction goes.

About 59 per cent of Canadian respondents said their internet service was “very good” or “fairly good,” ranking just ahead of the global average of 54 per cent. Canada placed 11th out of the 26 countries polled, which is about as mediocre a result as possible.

In comparison, 70 per cent of South Koreans were satisfied with their broadband, leading the pack. Coming in second was the United States, at 68 per cent, a notable result given that Canadian telecom companies often compare their services in terms of price and quality to their American counterparts.

There’s evidently a big disparity in satisfaction levels between the two countries.

Perhaps even more notable are the countries that place above Canada. Sweden, Belgium and France are to be expected, but Colombia, Chile, India and Russia?

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A spokesperson for Ipsos said the Canadian perspective of the report has yet to be written, although the firm hopes to release it this week. As such, there’s no word on what criteria respondents were asked to judge their broadband on.

Nevertheless, the full report will be food for thought as the CRTC continues to mull the wholesale prices that independent internet providers must pay larger companies for access to their networks.

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