In defense of tweeting politicians

February 11, 2011 // 2 Comments

A couple of quick housekeeping notes before we get to today’s topic. If you’re still reading this blog on, just a note that I’m planning [...]

Netflix using paid actors again – in Ottawa

February 8, 2011 // 2 Comments

Canadian internet activists have spent the past few days rejoicing over what looks like a victory in the usage-based internet billing fiasco. Last week, Minister of Industry [...]

Metered internet a colossal failure

January 26, 2011 // 27 Comments

The final word on usage-based internet billing in Canada came down yesterday and it’s pretty much as everyone expected: so long unlimited internet, it was good knowing [...]

Sweden: miles ahead of Canada on the internet

January 19, 2011 // 15 Comments

I was flipping through the latest issue of Wired the other day and I came across an article on Spotify, a music-streaming service based in Stockholm. I’d heard a little [...]

Download limits only a symptom of the problem

January 13, 2011 // 23 Comments

I thought I’d take a break from blogging about all this adult entertainment stuff that went on last weekend and instead write on a related topic: how Canadian internet [...]

Top tech stories of 2010

December 27, 2010 // 0 Comments

I hope everybody had a nice and restful Christmas (even those people who don’t celebrate it). I know I did. It was a welcome break from the madness of the past few [...]

The worst of both telecom worlds

December 14, 2010 // 6 Comments

A quick follow-up today to my post yesterday on the lack of competition in broadband internet services in North America. Catherine Middleton, the Canada Research Chair in [...]
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