Cineplex promises fixes to ‘horrendous’ mobile app

Users reporting frustrating experiences browsing films, logging in and buying movie tickets.

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Cineplex Mobile App:

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If there were a contest for worst Canadian mobile app right now, Cineplex would likely be leading the pack. Users have been piling on the negative one-star reviews in both Apple and Android app stores after the movie theatre chain introduced new frustrations to the experience with an update back in March.

Users in both stores are reporting difficulty purchasing movie tickets, missing Scene loyalty point totals, multiple login requirements and an inability to retain login information.

“This app could be really useful, but is horrendous in execution. It will often tell me my password is incorrect and lock me out even though I’m perfectly fine with that password on their website,” writes one reviewer in the Play store. “I try to select the stay-logged-in option to circumvent this, but that rarely ever works too.”

“Tried on several occasions on several devices to buy tickets with this app. Never used to have a problem, but in the past month or so I have not been able to purchase tickets. App hangs on loading while trying to log in,” writes another in the iTunes store.

The app has an average 3.7 out of five rating on the Play store and a 1.5 out of five rating on iTunes.

Cineplex, which operates 164 theatres across Canada, says it is aware of the issues and is promising fixes soon.

“With the next update, users will be able to use their Cineplex login to purchase tickets online or through the app. They will only need to login this account once and if they are a Scene member, their user account will remember that information as well,” says spokesperson Sarah Van Lange.

“We apologize and recognize that the dual login is [inconvenient]. We’re working on the update as quickly as we can and hope to have a solution in place in the next week or so.”

This isn’t the first time users have reported problems with Cineplex’s app. The Toronto-based company received “a lot” of complaints in 2015 related to the app improperly displaying Scene loyalty points.

In February, Cineplex told Scene customers to “proactively” change their passwords after breaches were revealed in other companies’ loyalty programs, including Loblaw’s and Canadian Tire.

The Cineplex app ratings stand in contrast to the one used by its closest competitor, Calgary-based Landmark Cinemas, which operates 45 theatres in Western Canada and Ontario.

Landmark’s app, designed by California-based Atom Tickets, lets users purchase tickets and concessions in advance. Cineplex has not yet added the concession capability. Atom currently has a 4.6 out of five rating in the Play store and a 4.5 out of five rating on iTunes.

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