Movie fans take heed: Cineplex Scene points are broken

‘A lot of people’ have complained about inaccurate balance statements through mobile apps.

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Broken Cineplex Scene:

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If you’re a movie buff in Canada, you’ve probably availed yourself of the Cineplex Scene loyalty program, which scores points that can add up to free tickets. If you have such a membership, you may also have noticed recently that it’s woefully broken.

Here’s my Scene balance taken from three different locations at the same time – Cineplex’s app for the iPad and iPhone, and from the company’s website:

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On top of these three wildly different totals, I’m getting yet another result from terminals in the actual theatres. I’ve apparently got more than 11,000 points, or more than 11 free movies, according to those machines.

Cineplex support tells me this is a known issue with the mobile app, which “a lot of people have complained about.” The company recently issued a redesigned app and it obviously isn’t working very well, at least in terms of telling people how many points they have.

The support representative told me users should refer to the website for accurate totals of their points. A fix for the apps is apparently in the works, but no timeline was given.

The rep also couldn’t explain theĀ terminal discrepancy.

This isn’t the first time Cineplex has had problems with simple technology. Two years ago, I wrote aboutĀ the incredibly complex 10-step process the company introduced to redeem ticket giveaways on cases of pop.

Why the company continues to try new tech efforts without proper usability testing is a good question. Why it chooses to roll them out during the busiest movie-going season is an even better one.

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