DARPA is… regretting having that tuna sandwich for lunch

If you’re like me, you use Facebook to stay up to date with all the important things your friends are doing – like what they had for lunch, or what their top five favourite movies of all time are. That’s why I’m so excited about DARPA’s new page on the social networking site.

DARPA, which stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the U.S. Department of Defense’s main agency for technological research, which was formed in 1958 just after Sputnik was launched. The U.S. was shocked when the Soviet Union beat it to space and never again wanted to be surprised technologically, hence DARPA. Since then, DARPA has doled out tons of basic research money to just about any and every technology that could be used in war, which has resulted in some lovely spinoffs, including the internet.

Now the agency has a Facebook page, where you can sign up as a “fan” (mind you, thanks the Facebook’s ungodly new design, good luck finding the page again, short of doing an actual search). I wonder how long it’ll take before DARPA starts sending out Vampire and Mafia Wars invitations.

Incidentally, it doesn’t appear that DARPA is on Twitter yet, although that might turn out weird if it turns out that Google really is buying the site. After all, the guy who oversaw the building of the internet’s precursor, the ARPAnet, for DARPA was Vint Cerf, now a vice-president at Google.

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