Depressed? Try electroshock or magic mushrooms

Scientists are finding some interesting cures for the blues that ail us.

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Depressed? Zap Out of It

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Is all this political turmoil getting you depressed? Try sticking your finger into an electrical socket.

Just kidding. Sort of.

New research coming out of Henri Mondor Hospital in Paris suggests that a form of electroshock – trans-cranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) – seems to reliably improve the symptoms of depression, addiction, craving and fibromyalgia.

Researchers came to this conclusion after looking at thousands of previous tDCS studies. Rather than counting every study, they narrowed their criteria to tests that were done daily, were placebo-controlled and involved at least 10 participants.

That allowed them to counter some previous conclusions, which stated that tDCS wasn’t effective at treating the above conditions. The Paris researchers also found that the electrical treatment technique does not work for tinnitus and could have a detrimental effect for stroke sufferers.

The one problem with the new conclusions, however, is that they still rely on too many studies that had too few participants. As New Scientist magazine notes, “possibly or probably effective” in depression treatment is the best that tDCS can hope for at this point.

If you’re looking for more of a sure thing, the evidence looks a little more solid for magic mushrooms. A study released in December found that the hallucinogenic drugs quickly and effectively counter depression, with effects lasting several months.

One British scientist, David Nutt, believes we will all soon be doing mushrooms to cure what ails us.

“I’m absolutely sure that, within 10 years, psilocybin will be an accepted treatment for depression,” he told Business Insider.

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