Dyson robot vacuum not ready for prime time

The British company had one ready to go three years ago, but decided to pull the plug after deciding it was too heavy and expensive.

One bit of news that was under-reported during the year-end holiday lull was the fact Sir James Dyson is working on a robot vacuum cleaner. As seen in the video below, the inventor extraordinaire says his company indeed had one ready to go three years ago, but he decided to pull the plug because it was too expensive and heavy:

I’m a big fan of Dyson products, from the vacuum cleaners to the fans. In fact, I keep a mental record of public bathrooms in downtown Toronto that have Dyson Airblade hand dryers, and often go out of my way to frequent them. I’m weird that way.

There were quite a few robot vacuum cleaners at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, but I think I might just hold out until Dyson finally comes up with one.

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