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Hot on the heels of the news that my first book, Sex, Bombs and Burgers, has landed a publisher in the Czech Republic comes an announcement that my second, Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species, is coming to China.

The book will be translated into simplified Chinese by Publishing House of Electronics Industry – got to love those literally named Chinese companies – and brought to market within the next 24 months.

Humans 3.0 is currently available in print and as an e-book in the United States and Canada, and electronically in the United Kingdom. It comes out in print in the U.K. in July and will also be published in South Korea, with the exact date coming soon.

The news is particularly exciting given the potential readership. Book piracy, where counterfeit prints are sold on street corners, is still a huge problem in China, but even the number of possible legitimate buyers dwarfs  North America and Europe.

I’m hoping I can get out to China to help with some of the promotion upon publication. I spent most of a year living in Guangzhou, in the south of the country near Hong Kong, a decade ago and I’m itching to go back to see how things have changed.

Here’s TechCrunch’s review of Humans 3.0, and me discussing the book on C-SPAN:

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