Humans 3.0 hits China this month

Translated work looks at how technology is affecting us and whether it’s making us better as people.

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Humans 3.0 In China:

It’s my distinct pleasure to announce that my second book, Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species, is finally coming to China. Translated and published by¬†Publishing House of Electronics Industry – love those Chinese company names! – it’s going to be out at the end of July.

The full cover is above. Unfortunately, the few language skills I learned when I lived in China more than a decade ago have thoroughly deserted me¬†so I don’t have much idea of what it all says. I hope and trust it’s all correct.

A quick refresher on the book from the Amazon listing:

“Life for early humans wasn’t easy. They may have been able to walk on two feet and create tools 4 million years ago, but they couldn’t remember or communicate. Fortunately, people got smarter, and things got better. They remembered on-the-spot solutions and shared the valuable information of their experiences. Clubs became swords, caves became huts, and fires became ovens. Collectively these new tools became technology.

“As the 21st century unfolds, the pace of innovation is accelerating exponentially. Breakthroughs from robotics to genetics appear almost on a daily basis. It’s all happening so quickly that it’s hard to keep track, but recently there’s been a shift. With vaccinations, in-vitro fertilization, and individual genetic therapy, we’re entering a new epoch, a next step, faster and more dramatic than the shift from Australopithicines to Homo Sapiens. The technology that set us apart from our earliest selves is becoming part of the evolutionary process. Advancements in computing, robotics, nanotechnology, neurology, and genetics mean that our wildest imaginings could soon become commonplace.

“Peter Nowak deftly presents the potential outcomes – both exciting and frightening – of key, rapidly advancing technologies and adroitly explores both the ramifications of adopting them and what doing so will reveal about the future of our species. We’ve come a long way in 4 million years. Welcome to Humans 3.0.”

Humans 3.0 is currently available in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and South Korea. TechCrunch calls the book “refreshing, genuine and convincing,” and here’s me talking about it on C-SPAN:

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