Humans 3.0

The Upgrading of the Species

Our species is entering a new era. Millions of years ago, we created tools to change our environment. Caves became huts, fires became ovens, and clubs became swords. Collectively these tools became technology, and the pace of innovation accelerated.

Now we’re applying the latest advancements to our own biology and environment. But is that a good thing? Not if media scare pieces about government spying, limitless automation and electronic addictions are to be believed.

Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species looks at what it means to be human – from the relationships we form and the beliefs we hold to the jobs we do and the objects we create – and measures the impact that innovation has had and will have in the future.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, this third epoch is rapidly equalizing, globalizing, co-operating – and upgrading.

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Available in: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, South Korea.