5 videos to fight Mean World Syndrome

Feeling bogged down by negativity? Don’t forget your regular dose of amazing and uplifting.

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When all else fails, watch cat videos.

Avoiding Mean World Syndrome

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about the rise of Mean World Syndrome in the era of social media.

Originally coined by communications professor George Gerbner in the 1970s, the theory referred to how it was possible for people to believe that the world was worse off than it really was after too much exposure to negative television news.

The phenomenon may be even more acute today, some experts say, because we now get a lot of our news from friends and family via social media, so it could matter more.

One psychologist I spoke with suggested a good way to avoid Mean World Syndrome is to counteract the non-stop stream of negative news and imagery we take in with a healthy dose of positivity.

It’s easy to¬†forget, after all, that the world is full of fantastic, talented and generous people. It’s good to remind ourselves every now and then.

In that vein, here are a few videos I’ve recently found to be amazing and uplifting. Feel free to add some in the comments section or send them my way on Twitter.

Ekso Bionics

I remember tearing up while watching this video of paraplegics being able to walk again thanks to robotic legs being developed by Ekso Bionics. It’s a great example of the positive effects of technology.

Google’s robot car

Similarly, seeing seniors and blind people going for rides in Google’s self-driving car was also edifying. It’s a reminder of how far humanity is come, as well as a tease of some of the amazing things on the horizon.

Lego Iron Maiden

It took five years for YouTuber rotehermi to animate Iron Maiden’s performance of The Wicker Man entirely in Lego. That’s dedication, and it’s positively amazing. And who doesn’t love Lego? (Or Iron Maiden?)

Attraction shadow dance

Hungarian shadow dance group Attraction made Simon Cowell cry on Britain’s Got Talent, and I’m not ashamed to admit they had the same effect on me. Simply beautiful.

Batkid saves the day

Has there ever been a bigger and more concerted effort to make one child happy than the Batkid phenomenon? Virtually all of San Francisco chipped in to fulfill cancer fighter Miles Scott’s wish come true. Faith in humanity: restored.

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