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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don’t think I could have told the 100,000-word story laid out in my book in just 100 photos. Nevertheless, the photos and images in Sex, Bombs and Burgers go a long way to fleshing out the written part.

The book has a dozen images – one at the beginning of each chapter – that help tell the story of each particular section. The illustration on the left, which I like to call “Angry Monkey Eating Burger” because it looks like an angry monkey eating a burger, appears at the very beginning of the book. The imagery is in reference to the recent discovery of Ardipithecus Ramidus, the oldest human skeleton, which gave rise to the theory that people originally became bipedal thanks to a link between mating, fighting and eating. I posted on the topic back in October – it’s a fascinating theory that warranted a late addition to the manuscript.

The image was specially done up by my friend and designer extraordinaire Stefan Woronko. In a way, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Stefan. Back in university, he was the artistic hand behind a cartoon called Heroin that ran in The Eyeopener (Ryerson’s student paper). Being as it was in the pre-internet age, I unfortunately can’t find hide nor hair of that cartoon online, which is too bad because it was freakin’ genius.

Heroin (the cartoon, not the drug) really did inspire me to get involved with The Eyeopener. I thought, “if the paper can produce such a cool cartoon, it must be a cool place to work.” If I hadn’t become a contributor, I probably wouldn’t have landed a job in journalism after school. Heroin, therefore, is indirectly responsible for setting me on my path.

These days, Stefan is creative director at Crush Inc., a production company here in Toronto that does some amazing stuff, including a recent music video for R.E.M. I can only hope that some day he’ll decide to dust off all those all old strips and publish them, at least online.

To see all of the photos featured in Sex, Bombs and Burgers, head on over to my Facebook group (and feel free to join). Over the next little while, I’m going to be experimenting with a few things – like a giveaway – exclusively on Facebook, so check out the group if you haven’t already.

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