Scene point balance is still broken in Cineplex app

Apple devices still out whack with website totals despite update issued on Aug. 17.

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Scene Point Balance:

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It’s been a tough summer for members of Cineplex’s Scene loyalty program. Not only did the theatre chain announce that it’s devaluing the points earned by its 6.6 million members come November, the tools for checking on those balances continue to be broken.

Back when I reported the various Cineplex mobile apps were malfunctioning in June, a customer service agent told me the company had received “a lot” of complaints about the issue. Cineplex was working on a fix to the issue, which displayed wildly different balances across different devices.

The company issued an app update on Aug. 17 that supposedly delivered the promised fix:

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Except that it didn’t fix the problem. After testing for a few weeks and consulting with a handful of other Scene users, I’ve found there continue to be issues.

Cineplex’s fix does indeed work, although not in a user-friendly or continuous way. Simply updating the smartphone or tablet app won’t necessarily bring Scene point balances into harmony with the total displayed on the web at, which Cineplex agents have said is the most correct source.

To do that, users need to delete and cleanly reinstall the app, then re-enter their Scene account details. Cineplex doesn’t tell users to do that.

Android device users look to be lucking out. In my tests, confirmed by other users, the app does appear to track additional transactions and maintains uniform balances with the website after a clean install.

Apple users, however, aren’t so lucky. It only took a few days of using my Scene Visa card, which earns points, to again throw the balances out of whack (website total on the left, iPhone total on the right):

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Other users I checked with experienced the same thing.

I brought the issue to Cineplex and the response doesn’t seem very encouraging:

“Points can vary due to the systems updating points balances from our partners, Scotiabank, Cineplex, Cara, SportChek and various contests that we have. These updates happen throughout the day. We have recently updated the iOS application to show the date and time of the balances so that we can determine if someone is looking at a cached balance that has not been updated and therefore is not current.”

Other than that, the company didn’t say when or if there’s a further fix coming. That’s too bad because not only are Scene points about to go down in value, many members are also stuck not knowing exactly how many they have.

UPDATE: Cineplex has gotten in touch to add the following information:

Our IT team has looked at this closely and by adding the date/time of the data they have isolated the call that is not refreshing the data properly in the iOS app. The iOS app should refresh the Scene points balance and history every time the My Scene/Points History section is opened. As you noted it does this refresh with a re-install of the app, or just logging out and back in will also accomplish the refresh.  A fix to address this refresh issue will be part of our next release which is planned to happen within the next two weeks – the only caveat being if there is a delay due to Apple’s approval.

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3 Comments on Scene point balance is still broken in Cineplex app

  1. Richard Beauchamp // November 27, 2016 at 6:59 pm // Reply

    The Cineplex app is no longer compatible with my Moto 3 G phone. I have contacted Cineplex twice since the update, and they say that there working on a fix. They told me the first time that there were only something like 43 phones like mine that they need to fix the app for. So far there has still been no fix for it. It’s been at least two months. This is so annoying.

  2. Margarida Merry // April 30, 2017 at 10:12 am // Reply

    Yes…very annoying. I deleted the app hoping that by reinstalling it the issue would be fixed…my bad

    • Richard Beauchamp // April 30, 2017 at 2:29 pm // Reply

      If you still can’t get it on your phone, you can sign into your scene account at, than tap my scene card link. It is pretty much the same as the app.

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