Humans 3.0 at Word on the Street

What is the future of humanity? The Innovation Intoxication panel will seek to find out.

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The just-released South Korean edition of Humans 3.0.

Word on the Street:

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I’m pleased to be taking part in the annual Word on the Street literary festival in Toronto this weekend.

I’ll be on a future-themed panel titled, “Innovation Intoxication: Addicted to the Future,” along with writer, cultural critic and Broken Pencil founder Hal Niedzviecki.

Hal’s latest book, out in October, is Trees on Mars: Our Obsession with the Future, a critique on how we are becoming a society that is driven by potential future gains as opposed to living in the now.

I’ll of course be reading from and discussing my latest book Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species – just released in South Korea (pictured above) and coming soon to China. The long and the short of the book is that I believe technological advance is making us better people in many way.

It will doubtlessly be a fun and lively conversation about the future of humanity, with Quill & Quire editor Sue Carter doing the moderating. It’s happening at 2:15 pm at the “Nothing But the Truth” tent. If you’re at Word on the Street this weekend, come by and say hello.

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