Silicon Valley startup Zume eyes pizza robot revolution

Company wants to deliver machine-made pies with a truck that cooks them.

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Pizza Robot:

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For the latest in technological developments, it’s increasingly looking like we should pay more attention to… the pizza industry?

It’s true. There’s something about pizza and technology that seems to go hand in hand.

Whether it’s experimenting with instant-order buttons a la Amazon or even order-by-text-message-with emojis, pizza chains seem to be on the bleeding edge. Domino’s is also working on pizza-delivery robots in New Zealand.

Add Zume Pizza, a Silicon Valley-based startup, to the mix. Zume is co-founded by Alex Garden, former president of online game maker Zynga, and is seeking to automate much of the pizza-making and delivery process.

The company has created a robot named Marta that squirts and spreads tomato sauce onto dough. Humans add toppings and then another robot, Bruno, takes the pies and puts them in the oven.

So far, it’s a human-robot hybrid approach – but it’s only the beginning. Zume’s ultimate plan is to fully automate the process and put the pizzas onto a truck that has 53 miniature ovens.

“Then the truck will circle the neighbourhood. At precisely three minutes and 15 seconds before arriving at the customer’s location, the cloud commands the oven to turn on and boom, the customer gets a fresh, out-the-oven pizza delivered to their door,” Garden told Bloomberg.

Here’s the full report:

Zume’s goal is nothing short of revolutionizing the pizza business, something that technology is already in the process of doing.

In a post earlier this year, restaurant consultant Aaron Allen found that big chains are using their ability to invest and roll out new technologies to make big strides against smaller operators.

“Independent pizzerias in America have lost 21 per cent market share [since 2008] in terms of sales and 19 per cent market share in terms of units to chains. Put more plainly, that’s about 7,800 restaurants that have closed-up shop,” he wrote.

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  1. Quite simply one of the worst pizzas you could ever have! Think about the worst pizza you ever had in grade school……..Ok………This is WORSE!
    My name is Jim Pitts….My reviews, as well as my gals, are posted on yelp and everywhere else possible. Bad flavors, greasy pizza…….and the first one took over an hour to go 1 mile!
    I can’t wait for a decent company to scoop up their tech after they’re gone……Their chef (lower case c) SUCKS!

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